Faruq has 25 references; 25 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellation and 0 no-show.

   Anusha19 said…   (View images)  

Had my second shoot with Faruq last week. Was very excited to work with him since I loved his work. Excellent precomms, very professional and a cool person to work with. As usual I loved the images and looking forward to work with him again. Highly recommended!

Shot 3 weeks ago 

    Dararony said…    (View images)

I had an amazing shoot with Faruq today, Faruq has a very good sense of humour, has very good idea of shoot and hard working person, he know what he want and get on to it, was very easy all the way to the end, Such a fun day, he is the one who can make you comfortable and make you completely forgot about time, so my day gone very fast today!! Really professional photographer, no question!! Highly recommend to any model and definitely looking forward to shoot again, thanks again Faruq.


Shot 3 weeks ago

   Lucina Bell said…     (View images)

Had amazing shoot with this guy! Can’t recommend him enough was very friendly and lovely to work with. Thank you so much for a great shoot can’t wait to shoot again! I know the pictures will be amazing he is a great photographer Take care Lucina xx highly recommend!

Shot 4 months ago

    Anusha19 said…     (View images)

Had a shoot with Faruq recently. He is such cool, friendly and professional photographer with loads of experience. Such a pleasure to have worked with! He is very patient, directed very well and produced some wonderful images and was so quick in sharing those images after the shoot. Highly recommend Faruq!

Shot 5 months ago


Lilytaylor said…

I had a shoot with Faruq today he came on time .Faruq is a great photographer definitely he has a lot of experience he is really good at giving direction.

I recommend Faruq 100%

Shot 9 months ago

    Mariatr said…     (View images)

I had a great shoot with Faruq on the 9th of March! I was very impressed by his attitude: he already sees the picture even before it is shot! He knows everything very well, can always tell me how to look better on the picture! It was easy to work with him and we did a good photoshoot in a very limited amount of time! Highly recommended!

Shot 11 months ago

   AJLondon said…   (View images)

I had an AMAZING shoot with Faruq at the weekend in London. He was super prepared and had loads of ideas for our fitness shoot. He also sent over the shots within 24 hours!

Very professional, highly recommend – I look forward to working with Faruq again.

Shot 11 months ago

    SDG said…    (View images)

I was really pleased with today’s shoot, especially as we covered a wide range of shots which was ideal to develop my portfolio.

It was an enjoyable shoot, and the whole team got along really well. Communications prior to the shoot was exceptional, which showed me that he’s trustworthy and took the essence of the shoot seriously.

Definitely recommended.

Shot last year

   Stacey James said…    (View images)

Faruq was very professional and was very helpful and supportive, giving me guidance on how to get the best images. I had a great time and the images are AMAZING! I cannot wait to work with Faruq again later on in the year. He is a very talented photographer and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get good images for their portfolio.

Shot last year

   Aubrey Arlene said…   (View images)

Faruq is great photographer and very professional and helps me a lot with the photoshoot and give me lot of ideas how to pose in the camera. His prepared and made sure we get the proper lightning and everything is ok while we are doing the shoot. I am looking forward to have a mother photoshoot with him

Again. Thank you so much for the last weekend shoot! You’re the best!

Shot last year

   LieneS said…    (View images)

I had a beach shoot with Faruq a couple days ago. He came on time, well prepared with all the equipment and ideas. Pre- shoot communication couldn’t be any better. Faruq is very experienced and talented photographer. I haven’t seen the photos yet but I have a feeling they’ll be amazing! He’s also very friendly, smiles a lot and will never make a model do something she doesn’t want. Respect, Faruq! Hoping to work with you again sometime soon.

Highly recommended photographer.

Shot last year

   sofie16 said…   (View images)

I had a great pleasure in working with Faruq today. He is great man with great personality, very open to suggestions our pre communication was brilliant Faruq was always prompt with replying back to any messages. It was my first shoot with him and I absolutely loved quality of work shown by him. Would love to work with such talent and would highly recommend him for any shoot and surely you can expect great results from it

Shot last year

    StefaniRed said…     (View images)

Had a great shoot with Faruq today.

He is imaginative, creative, dynamic and professional.

Faruq is friendly, and amicable with a fantastic work ethic.

I felt completely comfortable with Faruq and really enjoyed the day. I feel that the final edits will be fabulous and exactly what I need to extend my port.

I recommend Faruq, and would be happy to talk to any future models about shooting with him.

Thanks for a great day. KC xxx

Shot 2 years ago

   Brid said…   (View images)

I really enjoyed collaborating with Faruq, he arrived early which is always nice. We had a little chat and a cup of tea before we started and decided what looks we were going to achieve. He was very professional but a delight to work with. Faruq is great with directions and also having a look through the images so both parties know what is working and what isn’t. We had a lot of giggles throughout the day which always makes a photoshoot more fun.

Faruq had all the equipment for a mobile studio and so many ideas on various shots! Thank you Faruq for some amazing pictures.

Shot 2 years ago

   Zuzana said…     (View images)

I had second shoot with FARUQ and he was professional and friendly as before. He showed me the beautiful places for shoot and I felt relaxed all the time with him. The time went quickly and I am looking forward to see the final edits. I would recommend him to every model and I hope we will arrange the next shoot in the future.

Shot 2 years ago

   Lady K said…   (View images)

Had a really good shoot with Faruq yesterday. His such a lovely guy and fun to work with. Made me feel very comfortable and gave good direction. Faruq was very professional and I’d highly recommend him to any other models. I’ll definitely shoot with him again in the future and can’t wait to see the images.

Shot 2 years ago


Twiggs said…

Had a fab shoot with Faruq,

Lots of variety and cool things I’ve never shot before!

He was great at giving directions, and knowing what he wants to get good pics, super professional and a lovely guy! Highly recommended and can’t wait to see the pics … thanks Faruq 😊

Shot 3 years ago

  Marilyn D Model said…     (View images)

Had a great shoot with Faruq!

He made me feel very comfortable straight away and throughout the shoot!

He has great visions and was amazing at giving directions along with letting me pose and voice my ideas…

I would highly recommend Faruq to all models, I had a great time and can’t wait to see the finished images

Thank you! xx

Shot 3 years ago

    Jolie Anne said…    (View images)

I had a really great shoot with Faruq today. A super professional photographer who knows exactly what he wants from a shoot to get the best outcome. Wonderful at giving direction and on top of all that a really nice guy. I felt totally comfortable in Faruqs company and I would recommend him to any model. I can’t wait to see the images and would welcome the chance to work with him again.

Thanks Faruq.


Shot 3 years ago


Jessica Jensen said…

This guy is awesome- I can’t believe he is still reasonably new as his work is brilliant and he has a great future ahead of him in photography!! I would definitely recommend him and am already planning to shoot with him again

Shot 4 years ago


Cristy Solis said…

A great, fun shoot even though I was ill he was very patient with me and great at giving directions. I felt very comfortable and the images are amazing. I would recommend him to anyone

Shot 5 years ago


Monique said…

I worked with Faruq in his home studio, he is a great photographer and I felt very comfortable and confident with all of the photos we took! He has some great ideas and also is an expert at air brushing. I’m very happy with all of my photos from the shoot! Great working with you x

Shot 5 years ago


Paige-Louise said…

I had an amazing photo shoot with Faruque on Sunday with a super friendly makeup artist. The photo shoot was by far exceedingly successful and professional, I felt warmly welcomed, laughed, learned and had an experience I’ve always wanted to have! I can’t wait to see the photos! The shoot its self was fast and creative, he came up with brilliant ideas and I really loved my time on the shoot. Reliable, fun, professional and lovely to be around, I would highly recommend!!!!

Shot 5 years ago